Special Projects

A special angular break.
An ingenious miniature electro-valve.
An extremely light clutch mechanism.
A relay with a special structure ..., "give you the solution to your problem!"

Proyectos especiales

Often the technicians find it difficult or even imposible to meet the needs of their clients.
The limited space and the demands of design make the use of existing standard products unviable.

One of the areas to which RALUX has dedicates most attention is
"special design".

These products can solve your specific needs!

Contact the RALUX project department technical@ralux.com. Our technicians collaborate with yours and together we will create the perfect electromechanism for you, "with RALUX your problems will always find solutions".

"Our technical department is yout technical department, bring us your problem and we´ll work together"

"RALUX wants to offer you the solutions to all your technical problems with the pieces that fit your needs"

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